Educational Policies
1) To educate learners to integrate their knowledge and behaviors, to become more active learners.
2) to further deepen cultural refinement studies to nurture autonomous basic attitude towards life.
1) Goals and Objectives of Nursing Education
1) To acquire basic abilities in nursing practice on the global standard viewpoints
2) To nurture cultural sensibility.
3) To be a person who can take responsibility with high moral standards
4) To nurture research oriented behavior to pursue problem solving competence
5) To contribute to community by utilizing professional knowledge
6) To obtain personal growth by acquiring the competence to form human relationships
7) To create a professional identity by acquiring attitude of active learning
2) Graduation Requirements of Undergraduate Program
Students are required to take 138 credits to obtain Bachelor's degree in Nursing.
Subject categories Credit hours offered Credit hours required to graduate Total Credit hours required to graduate
Compulsory Electives Compulsory Electives
Health Sciences 35 36 35 6 35
Foreign Languages 3 6 3 9
Fundamental nursing 13 0 13 0 13
Clinical applied Nursing 61 0 61 0 61
subjects in Nursing
17 13 17 3 20
Total Credit Hours offered 129 55 NA NA NA
Total Credit Hours
Required to graduate
    129 9 138
3) Structure of Curriculum for Nursing Science